Japanese Flowers

Maret 12, 2009

Spring season will comes… Let’s Celebrate!!!

Purple flowers for you, Mom…

One word never enough to say “Thanks” to you…
One sentence never enough to say “I Love U so much, Mom”
And uncountered paragraph couldn’t enough to said “Thanks you for giving your soul to saw me happy. Thanks for your power to made me strong enough for understand the world where i live on. And thanks for your heart to made me see the loves”
And if i have an orchid on my hand, i will give it to my second love… for U Mom.

* She always loves orchid better than roses, i don’t know why.

Red flowers for you, R…

Hey, i don’t know why i give it to you!!!
The reality should becomes you give it to me!!!
Umm… wait… are i love u so much?
Let me think a minute, oh well yeah…

** I think he never give me a rose, because he isn’t romantic at all!!!

Pink flowers just for me…

I would say “This what i want all entire my live…”
I would say “Every girls dreams comes true, and now… my dreams comes true”
I would say “So… Beautiful…”
And the pink flowers were on my arm.

*** I always waiting to see my sakura with my own eyes…

White flowers for you, Chubby…

Thanks for being my best friends…
Thanks for listening every story that happened on my live.
Thanks for giving me an advices although i always disregarded it.
And this white flowers for being my best man on my live…

**** Well, i think this flowers fit for you.

Peach flowers for my friends…

Without u, i will be alone and never feel comfort on all my way
Without u, i never find place to share my sadness and my happyness
Without u, i couldn’t think the world is place to live.
And this flowers was representatived as my love for you.

***** I hope u like it, it’s beautiful… really!!!

See You All šŸ˜›


One comment

  1. hi…salam kenyal….
    it’s just my introduction…:-)

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