We Wait A Truthful Leader

September 17, 2013


Lyric of Indonesia Pusaka

Indonesia, tanah air beta. Pusaka, abadi nan jaya.

Indonesia, sejak dulu kala. Selalu dipuja-puja bangsa.

Disana, tempat lahir beta. Dibuai, dibesarkan bunda.

Tempat berlindung dihari tua. Sampai akhir menutup mata.

—I almost cry when I sing this song one year ago in front of my classmate.

When I saw and read news about our brothers and sisters in Egypt, I remember when I was an Elementary student while Reformation 1998 begun.  I saw on television when all young generation stick together to overthrow an incumbent leader at time.

I still remember their face; Anas Urbaningrum, Amien Rais, Megawati, Gus Dur, Adnan Buyung Nasution and others who I (sorry) forget. I still remember them because their face always on headline news. But unfortunately, now not on patriotic one, but on headline news that made me chagrin.

I grown up to be an apathetic person to this future nation. I never use my suffrage and never come to TPS (a place to put a vote) because I didn’t feel their patriotism even their faces spread up on poster and billboard.

Now everyone could talk on social media or newspaper comment column. Some people laughed one down, and another bolstering up. I am happy, Reformation giving us a chance to sound out aloud our premise. But whenever election begun, I still keep my apathy. Fraudulence, curiosity, fast buck, all of those game covering the real aspiration. After they vote, what do they got? Disaffection, right?

But look up today. The hearts of citizen driven by faith. They believe THERE ARE leader who COULD BE TRUST, THERE ARE leader who COULD BE LOVED AND PROUD OF by their hearts, THERE ARE leader who would CHANGE them to be BETTER.

Look to every comment column, people supported their leader who’s down to earth, who’s rushed to opposite classical rules. And conservative groups said, ‘He/she is not a nationalist. Rules not to be broken.’ Don’t you see the rulers maker? They are people who hate changes, they didn’t want to move. They choose to stick with their comfortable position and ignoring all.

Look to every comment column, people deprecate all party who’s entangled in corruption. Proved or not, people no more blind. They could see that rulers just kiss away their money to bought new sporty car, land right, canvassed for election fund and pay for room service of female collegian.

Election 2014 is momentarily. I’m sure Indonesian citizen more clever, but I still longs like them. Waiting for a leader who would alter us, unite our mind and change this nation better.

We, longs for you…


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