Our Desires As Big As The Earth Itself

September 24, 2013


There are more films showing their antagonist who would changing the exist system right now, or take over the world with destroying it, or uniting the world with a war to make people share their pains and sufferings. I was think that is the horrible and evil thing to do. But now… I feel that is the coolest thing to do (that’ s what would God do soon).

Human was the greedy beings, and that is RIGHT.

Salary 1.2M is not enough, so increase it to be 2.2M. Then, 3.7M. Don’t you see our ministers who’s have more than us but still being a corruptor?

Human would never be satisfied, and that is RIGHT.

Look the higher up people in our country. One car is not enough if  no sporty cars in their garage, or if their children doesn’t have one. Well, when you got the ticket, you just need to negotiate with the police.

Just a pair of trendy bag and shoes were not enough, mix-matching it with colourful dress was important.

One houses is not enough, if you have second house like villa or mansion for 2nd wife, 3rd wife or 31st wife?

Human always think that he/she is the right one, and that is… RIGHT isnt’ it?

A group of religious believers committed anarchists, considered by other religions as their dogma. Someone who did despicable deeds, then wearing a religious identity is considered as corrupt part of their dogma.

Man who spread corruption on earth, but their religion was to blame, their God was to blame. Don’t you think God deserve to wrath?

The earth is full, it is very crowded with people and their countless desires. But aren’t both of us waited for the destruction of the world to determine who’s the CORRECT one? Where humans eventually become inhabitants of hell and just little parts who would go to heaven.

We both know, who would became the inhabitants of hell, don’t we?


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