English Version Death Note 13 : How to Read

I love Justice, but somehow I love for crime…

Death Note in Indonesia was end on Volume 12 : Finis. But in Japan and have been translated to English, there were 13 volume for tankoubon. And the last volume Death Note 13 : How to Read.

Well, i’m so upset and until now, i almost mess volume 8 to 12, even tough i were ready have it. Because I can’t see Light (Raito) Yagami die, i’m big fans of him. Well i will resume this volume for U, and give the download link next.

New link already for download, click http://www.box.net/shared/e83n0ehvjh. If it’s not work anymore… well e-mail me or give the comment. All fix it the link.

Death_Note_v13_front cover

Death Note 13 : How to read, front cover


Death Note 13 : How to read, back cover

The Truth

Q: What is L’s last sentence?
A: 私は間違っていなかった”が”、ここは”負”けか (I wasn’t wrong, but I lost.) is what the editor thought, but I leave the interpretation up to you.

Q: Was Near and others able to see Ryuk when they first entered YB Warehouse?
A: Yes. Also, Gevanni and others were also able to see it but Near ordered them not to respond. It was probably hard to not respond to Ryuk though.
Q: Who was the most enjoyable character when you were drawing?
A: L. (both Ohba and Obata)

Question for Author and Artist
Q1: Three favorite character?
Ohba: L, Mikami Teru, Yagami Souichiro
Obata: L, Yagami Light, Watari

Q2: Favorite Shinigami
Ohba: Ryuk
Obata: Rem

Q8: Who do you think is the smartest?
Ohba: L
Obata: Near

Q18: Were you aware of readers’ specualations over the net?
Ohba: Didn’t have time nor did I want to look at it because it’ll distract me. Though, it still makes me happy that readers were interested in it.

Q20: What’s your favorite manga and genre?
Ohba: Death Note. Gag (comedy).
Obata: Ushio to Tora. Dark themed stuff.

Q21: When did you think of becoming Manga artist and why?
Ohba: 18, when a friend suggested me.
Obata: Around 8th grade.

The Resume :

— Mello’s death was done badly on purpose to hide the truth.
— Light considered Misa evil because she killed people.
— Ooba wanted to write about the harshness of reality, rather than human drama in Death Note.
— The speedy plot was possible because she avoided writing about the human drama aspects.
— There is no particular theme to the series; If you had to pick one, it’d be “Humans all die someday. Once dead, they can never be ressurected.”
— She didn’t want to write about good or evil, and considered it unimportant.
— “Light was very evil”, “L was also somewhat evil”, “Only Souichirou was justice”.

The 13 Truths

(translation by Deathnote was ended in chapter 108, but there were still mysteries that were unsolved. We take a review from Ohba and Ohbata for explanations!)

01 – How did you decide the ending image?

Ooba: “At first, I was thinking it would be of the worshipers surrounding Kira’s grave. That even if Kira died, there would still be people in the world who miss him… But then I felt that there was a problem with everyone knowing about his death… and that ‘the Yagami family gravesite’ wasn’t exactly a great visual. *laughs* I thought of the final scene, of the worshipers lining up with candles, at the end of 2005 after discussing it with the person in charge.”

Obata: “At first, I heard from the person in charge that it would be of worshipers dressed in mourning lining up around Kira’s grave. To be honest, I had reservations about it at the time… but the storyboards ended up very well-done, and I became quite enthusiastic about it. The drawing of the crowd of worshipers was an extremely worthy challenge. I wanted to bring out the mood more, so I had all of them be hooded.”

02 – When did you reach the decision to have the whole series at 108 chapters?

Ooba: “During the meeting where we decided how the series would end, we also decided it would be 108 chapters, and I did rough storyboards from the last chapter. So by the time Takada reappeared, both the number of chapters and the plot developments had already been decided. At this point, I’d also already decided how the confrontation at the YB Warehouse would go, so it was difficult to distribute everything evenly so that it would fit exactly into 108 chapters. Naturally, the number was chosen on purpose for the bell chimes of 108 earthly temptations.”

[From Wikipedia: In Japan, at the end of the year, a bell is chimed 108 times to finish the old year and welcome the new one. Each ring represents one of 108 earthly temptations a person must overcome to achieve nirvana.]

03 – What is the meaning of the apple on the cover?

Obata: “I believed apples to be an important symbol of Death Note, so I figured it was the best way to end the series. The covers of the last few chapters are the ‘items’ series. Like the closeup of the watch, or that object that looks down at the world from the shinigami realm, I drew the various symbolic items.”

04 – Who is the man waiting to be picked up at the beginning?

Ooba: “He’s the same guy who was bullied in prep school and also waiting to be picked up in the first chapter, Ryou-chin. Though, he’s already a full-fledged adult by now…”

05 – Why did you make Aizawa head of the criminal investigations?

Ooba: “Because I thought he was the most likely, out of the remaining characters. I didn’t really want to introduce a completely new character as their superior at the end of the story. But now that I think about it again, Aizawa probably fits best because of his temporary leave from the investigation. He commands the police, but is also connected to L (Near) behind the scenes. He could be at the top because he knows both organizations. And if it were Mogi, Mogi might end up siding with L instead.”

06 – Is Matsuda’s theory correct?

Ooba: “I purposely wrote it so that it could be interpreted either way, and haven’t decided on the truth. Basically, I want each of the readers to decide for themselves and adopt their own views. The only thing I can say for sure regarding this is: Light ordered Mikami to not take out the real Note until the end. By the way, the new member of the team, Yamamoto, is a character I thought of while doing the storyboards, and there’s no particular meaning to him. I introduced him purely to show off how unpleasant Matsuda had become as a superior. *laughs*”

07 – What is the meaning of the final scene with the Kira worshipers?

Ooba: “Light was a villain, but I figured there were probably people rooting for him as well. I would have been fine letting Light end miserably, but tried ’he might have died, but as he wished, became god to some people’ as a consolation for him. But truthfully, I think that as he told Ryuk, he wanted to reign as a living god. No matter how much he’s supported by worshipers, his own death was the one thing he wouldn’t have wished for. So, I suppose you could also interpret it as a dreadfully wretched irony. Well, in all honesty, I guess that I wavered this much on how to present it because I loved Light’s character so much. Though L is number one. *laughs*”

08 – Was the last situation supposed to be associated with the name “Yagami Light”?

[The kanji月 (Tsuki)meaning of Light’s name: night, god, moon(light)]

Ooba: “At night, while thinking of god, pray to the moon… It works well, doesn’t it. Of course, I didn’t have this in mind right from the beginning of the series, when I chose his name. I put it in after the idea struck me while doing the storyboards for the last chapter. In the end, it’s a direction where the people who understand it will understand it, and I’m quite fond of it.”

09 – What is the true identity of the female worshiper at the end?

Ooba: “She is simply a believer who worships Kira. In the storyboards, the emphasis was on her praying hands, and I assumed her face would remain obscured. It turned out that way due to Obata-sensei’s arrangement. Therefore, it’s not Misa. There might have been some people who thought it was Misa since she didn’t appear in the last chapter, but…”

Obata: “She isn’t anybody in particular. In the storyboards, her face was hidden. While I rather liked that atmosphere as well, personally, I wanted the ending image to be of a beautiful young girl looking up. There was no particular motif, she was drawn based on my own impressions.”

10 – What is the meaning of the English phrase on the last page?

Ooba: “Just as it says, ‘Thus, “this story” of the Death Note is concluded.’”

11 – What happened to the two remaining members of the Yagami family after the end of the Kira case?

Ooba: “There was no longer any way to write Sayu and Sachiko’s situations into the story, so I left them out of the last chapter as well. They were probably told by Aizawa or somebody that Souichirou and Light died while trying to bring down Kira. Though naturally they don’t know the truths about Light being Kira and such. And the truth about the Kira case will never be known by the world, because I doubt either the investigators or Near’s group would reveal it.”

12 – Why didn’t Misa appear in the ending?

Ooba: “I couldn’t write her in either, due to the situation. Misa might have lost her memories of Kira, but she still loved Light all the same. And since it’s said that users of the Note end up miserable, I believe Matsuda let it slip that Light died. I suppose she fell into despair and committed suicide.”

13 – Did Ryuk return to the shinigami realm?

Ooba: “Yes, he did, because he already watched over the death of the Note’s owner. …However, right after Light’s death, the Note from the investigation headquarters was confiscated by Near and burned up. So truthfully, there’s no way to prove whether it was real or fake. My theory is that Light secretly replaced it beforehand and hid it away somewhere. I guess Light’s struggle towards the end might not have been a total bluff after all. So there could still be a Death Note somewhere in the human world, and Ryuk might pay another visit when it’s found…?”

World of L’s Wonder Guts
L always had food beside him every time he appeared in the story. There must have been readers who wondered, “Just how much have you eaten?” We did a little investigation.

Let’s check how much he’s eaten!!
“With a drink in hand and sweets on the table” is L’s basic style. He really drinks too much black tea and coffee, doesn’t he!

L: I fully believe that this is none of your business.



How it was eaten

2003.12.31 coffee drank with several sugars
2004.01.12 chocolate melted in his mouth after having the wrapping torn off
coffee mixed with sugar and left for a while, then drank after it cooled
2004.04.07 coffee dismissed to the clerk without drinking at all
2004.04.18 cake left only half-eaten, due to the second Kira’s video airing
black tea like the cake, left to cool and taken away
2004.04.23 cake after feasting on the sponge cake, strawberry was eaten last
black tea drank after eating the strawberry on the above cake
2004.05.12 chocolate bitten suddenly without letting it melt
black tea drank while warm
2004.05.25 cake neglected during the meeting, but eaten later
coffee drank while glancing at the neglected cake
2004.05.27 donuts eaten normally
coffee drank with about three sugars
2004.05.28 coffee drank while warm
black tea drank halfway, but taken away by Watari because it cooled
2004.05.31 black tea drank together with a fruit sandwich
2004.06.01 hors d’oeuvre ignored by L
champagne ignored by L
black tea drank normally
prosciutto e melone avoided the ham, only the melon got eaten
2004.07.20 jelly eaten up soon after being delivered to the room
black tea dismissed after just one sip
2004.07.23 coffee drank while studying Light, Souichirou, and Misa
2004.08.02 cake after eating his own, ate up Misa’s as well
black tea drank with the cake stolen from Misa
2004.10.02 cherries tied the stalks into knots with tongue while eating
black tea drank entirely, despite it being cold
2004.10.08 cake eaten normally
black tea drank without incident
2004.10.09 ohagi (coated rice balls) eaten together with the wrapping, but the wrapping was later spit out
black tea drank after eating the ohagi
2004.10.15 anmitsu (syrup-covered bean jam and fruit) eaten entirely, including the syrup
black tea drank while Light was on the phone with Namikawa
coffee added so many sugar cubes that they couldn’t dissolve, then dismissed
2004.10.24 coffee drank quite normally
2004.10.25 youkan (sweet bean jelly) played around with by having sugar cubes stacked on top of it, but later eaten
coffee drank after plopping about five sugar cubes into it
sugar cubes stuffed into mouth, and melted
2004.10.28 coffee drank without any problems
banana peeled, eaten normally
coffee stored in a canteen, drank outside
2004.10.29 coffee added a large amount of milk after it cooled, then drank
2004.11.04 ice cream eaten within a few minutes
coffee drank after eating the ice cream
pudding a la mode cherry eaten last
coffee had another cup after finishing this one
2004.11.05 chocolate snacks crushed with fingers or bitten only along the edges, but not finished due to L’s death
coffee had only a few sips, remained neglected due to L’s death

Well this the end of spoiler, i will upload some file of Death Note that I have. Please be patient until the link ready.

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